What are our targets for this project?

We love to discover/create art . This projects for those people who loves art.

Our target is to create 1000 CNFTs collection & we are on our way.

Are we achieving them?

 We have already created almost 200 CNFTs and also near future planning to launch our 2 new projects ( 1. ADA Stamps CNFTs & 2. Frank CNFTs 2nd seasons) where we will be publishing 200 more CNFTs.

How fast are we achieving them?

According to our road map, around this year we will be able to achieved our 1000 unique CNFTs collection.

Are we on track to achieve them all by the time this project’s timeframe elapses?

We are already launched our 4 projects

1. Cardano Club NFTs

2. Jurassic Club NFTs

3. rwiat-nfts unique edition

4. Frank CNFTs

And also we are working on our 2 projects

1. ADA Stamps CNFTs

2. 2nd season of Frank CNFTs

We hoping we could be reaching 400 CNFTs around next month.