ADA Stamps CNFTs

ADA Stamps CNFTs upcoming Projects of rwiat-nfts.



5/23/2022 1 min read

ADA Stamps CNFTs

powered by rwiat-nfts
ada stamps cnfts gold
ADA Stamps CNFTs Silver

Hello Friends. Today this blog is All about rwiat-nfts new projects ADA STAMPS CNFTs.Our journey started with other CNFTs projects at the very first launched nfts at cardano blockchain & honestly those days were really astonishing with a remarkable fun and full of joys.

Projects Themes:

Projects Theme: ADA Stamps CNFTs powered by rwiat-nfts and that is our 5th project . We have used Blender and PS to create this artworks . Main themes of ADA Stamps CNFTs is simple classic looks.

Gamming Assets:

For the 1st time rwiat-nfts offering not only the nfts but also you can buy ADA Stamps CNFTs any character as a gamming assets.(terms and conditions applicable)

ADA Stamps CNFTs rarity:

3 rarity level will be there

1. Gold: 15 CNFTs at Gold rarity and each are unique

2. Silver: 30 CNFTs at Silver rarity &

3. Bronze: 45 CNFTs at Bronze rarity

TOTAL 90 CNFTs we will be mints at ADA Stamps CNFTs


Floor price will be 10 ADA

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